Illustration by Tim Durning

For the next several posts, I’ll be sharing a story I wrote a long time ago. Until now, I never really had any reason to publish this on the blog. But with the launch of Lineage, I would like readers here and there to enjoy some more worldbuilding.

The motto of this site is, “There are so many worlds.” I love writing because I get to explore new places in every story. If you enjoy reading for the same reason, then I think you’ll enjoy this story.

Things Lost and Found in Another Desert is the tale of Daruhn, an eternal city. If the city is destroyed, the survivors’ only purpose is to find a place to rebuild it. If the city lives, its citizens’ purpose is to live in it until the time comes to travel and rebuild. The story begins in between cities, as the Walkers travel Another Desert to find a place to rebuild. They carry very little with them, but most valuable are the Stories from Daruhn Yesterday. You’ll read some of those.

That’s about enough as far as introduction. As I put sections of the story up, I will add the links to this post. Enjoy Another Desert.

The Voice Begins the Story

Daruhn Yesterday and Today

The Walking Song

The Walkers

Great Egret

The Storyteller’s Apprentice

Vel’s Song

Away From Camp

The Clay-People

Fess Returns


Kin Awakens

Midday Patrol

The Pale Children


The War Song

The Incursion

A Picker in the War

The Moon Song


After Storm

The First Step


The Water Tree 


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